Whatever Wednesday: The Gift of Reviews

December 14th, 2011

Hey, everyone!

Life is crazy at the Mikulski residence as a very excited six-year-old is enjoying every minute of the holidays. :) Amidst the hoopla, I was lucky to receive some early gifts this year. Check out the most recent reviews of STEALING BASES.

“Mikulski has a finger on the pulse of influence from coaches as she integrates the nuances of such relationships when Kylie gets into trouble with the coach because of her attitude, but is also strongly supported. Nicely woven throughout the story are Kylie’s dreams to be the best she can whether that is in relationships, sports or in her pursuit of college dreams. The parallels of playing sports and living life allow the reader to make powerful connections and enjoy a realistic story about female high school athletes.”

Children’s Literature

“Keri writes so well about sports and speaks to teens in their own language. Her girls play hard and get dolled up for prom. In the Pretty Tough series being athletic is both feminine and attractive. It’s wonderful to have easy-to-read books for girls in which sports and friendship take precedence over romance. Keri Mikulski hits a home run with Stealing Bases. The next two books in the series, Making Waves and Fifteen Love, are due to be published in 2012.”

Sarah Laurence

“Keri Mikulski always does a great job making her teenage characters realistic and believable, as well as all their experiences. I am a big fan of contemporary YA and Keri Mikulski does not disappoint. There were quite a few entertaining and important twists in the story that kept me reading and I enjoyed getting to know all the different characters and learn even more about softball. Stealing Bases isn’t overly “sporty” either- it combines just the right amount of sports, romance, drama, and friendships. Keri Mikulski has an eye for writing books that will appeal to a variety of readers and Stealing Bases is no exception. I’m eager for the release of Making Waves (coming in 2012)!”

– Kelsey, The Book Scout

Thank bunches for supporting the sporty series!! :)

Now back to cookie baking, tree trimming, and FIFTEEN LOVE revisions.

Happy Wednesday! :)