What people are saying about Keri’s books…

The novel (Making Waves) is a light, fun read, full of humor.” – Carollyne Hutter, Children’s Literature 

Stealing Bases is the perfect book for any girl who’s ever balanced sports with school, falling in love, and dreaming big. It felt so real – I loved it!” – Jessica Mendoza, 2x Olympic Medalist, USA Softball

“Any teenage girl involved in sports will relate to much of the character’s life in high school and the dilemmas, challenges and accomplishments Kylie encounters. And as much as this is about girl athletes, boys will enjoy reading getting a glimpse into the minds of females as well. Mixed in with the drama of change from playing basketball to baseball is teenage romance, quirky relationships, deep friendships and the difficulty that this stage in life brings. Mikulski has a finger on the pulse of influence from coaches as she integrates the nuances of such relationships when Kylie gets into trouble with the coach because of her attitude, but is also strongly supported. Nicely woven throughout the story are Kylie’s dreams to be the best she can whether that is in relationships, sports or in her pursuit of college dreams. The parallels of playing sports and living life allow the reader to make powerful connections and enjoy a realistic story about female high school athletes.” Laura Pastuszek, Children’s Literature 

“Stealing Bases is a worthy read. Keri Mikulski pitches a great story filled with wonderful writing. The story will hit you fast and doesn’t slow down until the end. I am very curious to see what will be next for Keri Mikulski, whatever it is, I will be reading.” – Book Cellar

“Kylie is the most edgy girl so far I have met in Keri’s books. She had a little mean streak, which was fun and she was taking risks which makes her an interesting person to read about. I also loved to read how things work at the softball field, Keri is a real softball expert and you read her love for the sport between the lines. Sporty and fun and great characters and plot! Don’t miss out this book! 5 stars!” – Marjolein’s Book Blog

“I really liked the competitive feel when Kylie was playing ball. With the teams egging each other on, it felt like you were sitting there playing with the team, chewing gum and sunflower seeds. As a softball player in my teen years, I loved reminiscing with Kylie and her team as they played their way to the Desert Invitational. The added bonus of boys, prom, and high school make this a well-rounded, fun and flirty read. I wish this book was around when I was a teen. It would be a great addition to any library. Sports fans are sure to enjoy reading about Kylie’s adventures in Stealing Bases.” – Lost for Words

“Once again, Ms. Mikulski just a fantastic job on writing this series. I enjoyed reading each one and enjoy getting in the feel of the characters. I love learning about sport and the passion the characters have for it. I can’t wait to read the next book. This is a series I hooked on and can’t get enough of!” – Books With Bite

“Stealing Bases is another great installment in the Pretty Tough series that blends sports, romance, and great characters.” – A Good Addiction

“I seriously love this series.  Not only is it very fun to read, I also feel like I am learning something about sports.  Each book in the series focuses on a different sport and each book really explains what the sport is all about.  It’s a very interesting concept, especially for what seems like such girly books.” – Katie’s Book Blog

“I played sports in high school, I played basketball and softball so I could really relate to Kylie’s feelings about the games as well as understanding some of the lingo, but I still think that you could get into these books even if you’ve never played sports. I really liked this book, it’s a great  book for both sports lovers as well as lovers of chick-lit!” – A Reading Adventure

“The author did a great job juggling the romance.  Which guy will she pick?  Which one is the right one?  But she also had some really nice friendship growth in here as well.  Her girlfriends made some startling realizations about themselves and each other.  This just made the story that much more engaging and believable. A truly heart-warming and comfortable read that entertained me and kept me really happy when it was over.  Another great find by a debut author!” – Readergirl Reviews

“The best thing about this novel must be the plot. Taylor is trying to find a way to balance her sports life with her social life, and that never gets boring. Even if you don’t like sports, you’ll find yourself relating to the obstacles that she faces along the way (like jerky guys, backstabbing friends, and parental pressures). Lucky for me, I’m a soccer player, so I could relate to Taylor’s love of sports as well. There’s something in Head Games for everyone. It’s a good read with a powerful message that will have you cheering for Taylor until the very end.” – Book Girl Reads

“My students adore HEAD GAMES and so do I. Finally, a sports series for girls!” – Sandra Poulton, 7th grade teacher, Mount Laurel School District

“HEAD GAMES is hilarious– Finally a humorous, romantic, fun book for girls who live to play sports!” – Cyn Balog, Author of Fairy Tale and Sleepless

“A sweet …… story.” – Kirkus Review

“Keri really writes the best in this genre. Head Games is just a fabulous book for every teen girl who love sports.” – Marjolein’s Book Blog

“HEAD GAMES and it was absolutely awesome!! I adore Taylor and could relate to every part!” –  Lauren Lesser, New Jersey High School Student

“The sport of basketball was written well. I like reading all the sports talk and enjoying how it entwined with Taylor’s life. Ms. Mikulski made all the sports talk easy to know. I for one, did not know much about basketball, but after reading this, I think I can go to game and finally get it. This book is totally sweet, enduring, and full of great literature. I look forward to reading the rest of the series and learning more about sports! I give it 5 BITES!” –  Savy, Books with Bite Book Blogger

“This fun and engaging novel would appeal to reluctant readers and to sporty girls ages 10-14 years. Even a non-basketball player like me (I’m 5 foot 3 inches) could understand the plays and appreciate the drama. Keri Mikulski is on top of her game.” – Sarah Laurence, artist, author, and blogger


Pretty Tough serves up another ace!

FIFTEEN LOVE (Pretty Tough Book #6)

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Indie Bound

Maggie Anderson and her twin sister, Bella, are a doubles team destined for tennis greatness. They’ve just started their freshman year at Beachwood Academy and it seems like everything–even the Olympics!–is within their sights. But when Maggie quits the tennis team suddenly, she leaves Bella in the lurch.

Told in alternating first-person POVs, Fifteen Love is the kind of sweet, super-clean paperback you’d give to your younger sister. And with the original online series coming up–and a splashy series repackage to match–the PrettyTOUGH books should have an even wider readership than ever before!

Fifteen Love: Pretty Tough Book #6 by prettytough


It’s summertime at Beachwood Academy!

MAKING WAVES (Pretty Tough Book #5)

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It’s summer break for the girls at Beachwood Academy and that means sun, surf, and sensational escapades at the Beachwood Country Club. Abby, a rising sophomore, is so excited to have gotten a last-minute gig as a lifeguard, especially because jobs are usually reserved for club members.

Abby desperately wants to win the annual lifeguarding competition, and with it a college scholarship. But when she arrives for her first day on the job, she finds herself face-to-face with some serious club member attitude. And there’s an even bigger surprise waiting for her: the gorge senior boy she’s been pining over ever since they met at a swimming competition earlier this year.

Can Abby break through the rules, regs, and mean girls to be the first-ever non-club member to win the summertime lifeguarding competition and maybe even the boy of her dreams?

It’s Kylie’s  turn to tell her side of the story…

STEALING BASES (Pretty Tough Book #4)

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“Stealing Bases is the perfect book for any girl who’s ever balanced sports with school, falling in love, and dreaming big. It felt so real – I loved it!”

– Jessica Mendoza – Olympic medalist, ESPN correspondent, USA Softball, and President of the Women’s Sports Foundation


HEAD GAMES (Pretty Tough Book #3)


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