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At a New Jersey signing with a fabulous fan of SCREWBALL.

Keri Mikulski is the author of the young adult novels Head Games, Stealing Bases, Making Waves, and Fifteen Love. Prior to and following her four-book deal with Razorbill/Penguin, she sold short stories, poetry, and creative nonfiction to Current Health 1 and 2, Highlights for Children, LiveStrong, Whirlwind Journal, RWR, and many other publications. Keri earned an MFA from Rutgers University and an MAT from The College of New Jersey. She is an instructor for the Writing Arts Department at Rowan University.

At a Texas signing with the super sweet Natasha Watley.

Me, the has been…


From as far back as I can remember, I’ve always loved sports and books. However, as a teen and tween, I fell out of love with reading. For years I never picked up books for pleasure because I couldn’t relate to the main characters. They weren’t like me. They didn’t play sports.

Then, decades later, I witnessed many of my sporty middle school students also morph into reluctant readers. As soon as I began writing professionally, I set out to write the books to reach this audience. And here I am – living my dream.

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